How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website

Finding Available Domains

Congrats! You likely have a great idea or business plan in mind and now you’re ready to start building your new website. But wait, are you stuck? Did you try to buy a domain name and found they all appear to be taken already? This is a very common experience but I have some tips […]


Best 3 WordPress Themes for Niche Sites

Top 5 WordPress Themes

WordPress is hands down the best website builder out there. You can self host it like I do or you can open an account at When you self host WordPress on your own server you can really create a special site by using themes. WordPress themes are the visual “skin” your site visitors see […]


How to Find a Niche Site to Build

Niche Site Selection

The first phase of the Niche Site Challenge 2.0 will be finding a profitable niche. In this post I’m going to run down the exact method I use to find profitable niche site opportunities, how I rank them in likelihood of success, and the steps/takeaway for phase two.Note this article contains affiliate links which may […]


Niche Site Challenge 2.0

How to Make a Niche Site

Niche Site Challenge 2.0 It’s been 3 years now since I sold my 19 niche websites that I started from scratch and since that time I’ve done a lot of reflecting. Shortly after I sold my collection I was asked by all my friends…”What’s next?”…to which I replied “Something in the physical world because that business […]


FIRE – Financially Independent Retire Early

Financial Independent Retire Early

Financially Independent Retiring Early Heard about this before? You likely have if you’ve landed on this post but just in case you haven’t I’ll give you the 30,000 ft overview. “FIRE” stands for financially independent retiring early. The concept is simple, save as much as you can in your 20’s and 30’s and retire well before […]


How to Invest $100k

History of Stock Market

How to Invest $100k First of all….CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve managed to collect $100,000 in cash! This is a big step in your life and now you’re ready to put that money to work for you. Let me start this post with a little background on how I personally handled this milestone, the biggest mistake I made, and […]


How to Sell on Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Challenge

Amazon FBA Challenge Hey there and thanks for checking out this new segment at Passive Online Cash! For the past five years I’ve been working in the niche website space (you can learn more about niche website here) and now for 2017 I’ve set a new goal for myself, to become an Amazon FBA seller. Why […]


How I Sold My Website for $100,000

100k Payday

$100,000 Payday! How I Sold My Website PortfolioTo help give you an idea of how I got to this point let me first give you a little background information. In 2008 I started my Web Development company SuperTech Media LLC. Over the first four years I built a solid book of business helping other companies […]